Dr. Leonard Linkow on Mandibular Dental Implants: A Dynamic Approach to Oral Implantology

Part of a series of lectures given by Dr. Linkow, this lecture covers the detailed anatomy of the mandible as it relates to implant dentistry. This recording was filmed at Temple University School of Dentistry’s Department of Removable Prosthodontics in the early 1980s. The content of the lecture is taken from “Mandibular Implants: A Dynamic Approach to Oral Implantology” (Glarus: 1977), by Dr. Leonard I. Linkow.

Dr. Leonard Linkow was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 25, 1926. He placed his first dental implant in 1952, four months after he graduated from dental school. By 1992, Dr. Linkow had placed over 19,000 dental implants and stopped counting. He retired from private practice in 2002 leaving a body of work that included 12 books and 36 patents. Many implant dentists around the world refer to Dr. Leonard Linkow as the father of implant dentistry. He passed away on January 26, 2017 at age 90.

Understanding implant dentistry today requires an historical perspective. One may discover that some innovations today are really 30 years old. Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director of The Center for Special Dentistry®, practiced with Dr. Linkow in the 1980’s in New York City. They remained very close thereafter. Dr. Dorfman began digitizing Dr. Linkow’s content to preserve on the internet in 2001 — before Google books.

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Please note that many of these historical surgeries were performed before the widespread use of gloves.

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